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75900 Shortridge Hill Rd, Cottage Grove, OR, USA

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality software and services to our clients. More than that, we know that the technology does not exist in a vacuum, that it's only purpose is to allow or assist the user in satisfying some underlying business need. If there's a simpler solution we want to find and provide that option to our clients so that they can choose the solution the fell meets their needs best.

Joseph Toman Ph.D. has been developing software and websites for over 20 years. Originally trained as an astrophysicist doing computational fluid flow research on star formation, Dr. Toman transitioned to software development and IT consulting in the late 90's . He has developed software for systems ranging from low level 8080 prototype boards to the supercomputers found at supercomputing facilities such as NCSA, and everything in between.