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Charter on Shortridge

Dear Shortridge Hill Rd. Neighbors, You may have noticed Charter Communications trucks and linemen working by the side of London Rd. as you come and go into Cottage Grove. These linemen are installing cable TV lines down London Rd. , bringing to every home they go by the possibility of cable TV, phone and high speed Internet access, up to 100Mb/s . I recently had a conversation with a local representative of Charter Communications, and it turns out that the current plan for this project is to terminate the line a mere 1500 ft north of our street, presumably at the intersection of London and Reservoir Rd. !

This is where you come in:

If we can show them that there's interest, we should be able to get them to extend their project through our neighborhood. Think about it: no more losing your Internet connection or your TV picture because the weather turned bad. No more paying through the nose because the satellite companies think they are the only game in town. What you would need to do is go down to the Charter office on Main St. and ask them for service on Shortridge Hill Rd, Riley Ln, or Woodson Ln, wherever you happen to live. If enough of us do this they will get the idea that it's economically feasible to extend service to our neighborhood.