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Let's Encrypt. Yes, let's.

Let's Encrypt Logo

Lillibolero has signed up for the Let's Encrypt Beta program. In case you haven't heard of it, Let's Encrypt is a project to make ubiquitous HTTPS a reality, thereby making the web as a whole safer. To that end they've become a Certificate Authority, and yesterday announced that they have received cross-signatures from IdenTrust. This makes their certificates trusted by all major browsers. They aren't at the point of handing out certificates yet, but they've started a Beta program, and I'm interested enough to sign up for it and see how it pans out. I've signed up for other projects like this before, notably CAcert.org , and been a little disappointed so I'm not holding my breath. Still, Let's Encrypt seems to have more substantial backing from the likes of Mozilla, Akamai, and Cisco, so it sounds hopeful. I'll update as the story unfolds.