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What can I do to speed up my old hardware?

When I bought it, my Windows computer seemed fast. Now it's so slow. What can I do?

Identify the Problem

Have you or someone else who uses the computer downloaded any applications, music, or video ? If so, they may have brought an uninvited guest with them. Most viruses are transmitted through application or media downloaded from untrusted sources. And yes, if a friend gives the file to you but they didn't verify that it was free from malware, it's still untrusted.

Virus and Malware

Do you have active anti-virus software? Most computers that come with Windows installed only have a demo copy of an anti-virus program  that usually expires after 30,60 or 90 days. After that, your computer is unprotected! We recommend to our clients that they use Kaspersky AntiVirus, and we also use it on any of our Windows computers. It works, it's unobtrusive,and because it's not the market leader, hackers are less likely to target their viruses at defeating it. That's right, for anti-virus software, popularity can be a bad thing. But we can't overemphasize this, if you're going to run Windows, get some sort of current anti-virus software running on your computer now! For Mac users it's less of an issue, particularly if you restrict your downloads to Apple's App Store. It's still a good idea to have some antivirus on hand and to scan your machine weekly. On the Mac we use ClamXav .



If it's possible, adding more memory to your computer is usually the cheapest way to speed up your computer and increase its usable life. With the right tools and a little care, it's really not that difficult to add memory in most desktops and laptops, including Macs. Of course if you want to avoid all that trouble Lillibolero will be happy to install and test that memory in your machine.

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